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MAY 20, 2012
A new Mapmastery reel, and a Flying Monk,a story about jade. and some Home grown creativity.

JUNE 22, 2011
Don't forget to "Like" our page and check out our blog which we started to write again.

JUNE 15, 2011
Just finished our Real World Las Vegas Reunion and the "S#!%" show graphic packaging!

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010
What's Cookin' in N'awlins? Our new opening graphics designed for The Real World New Orleans end-of-season specials! Check out the art director's cut from our YouTube Channel, Where the "Reunion" Opening and "The S#!% They Should've Shown" opening are now posted. Additional pix from New Orleans can be seen on our Facebook Page Album called "N'awlins Pixs".

JUNE 8, 2010
Artifactuality has just completed the video title graphics package for MTV's Fresh Meat 2 Reunion, premiering on June 9, 11pm. Check out the full :30-second "art director's cut" in our gallery page. If you are interested in the creative process, see the photo case study in our Facebook page.

MARCH 29, 2010
Artifactuality and MapMastery recently supported a charity effort "Cycling for Street Children" by providing animated maps for the video project that documented this trip in Eastern Africa. Watch the 3-part video on YouTube.

FEBRUARY 4, 2010
We are on YouTube! Check out Artifactuality's Channel.

FEBRUARY 1, 2010
We are currently working on The Real World DC end of season specials: The Reunion and the "S#!t Show"

DECEMBER 16, 2009
This season's Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV, The Ruins, was wrapped with our Thailand flavored graphic package designed for the "Reunion" Special and "The S#!t They Should Have Shown." Each aired on Dec. 16th and Dec. 23th, respectively. Check them out on or right here on our site: The "Reunion" Show and The "S#!t" Show.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2009
Artifactuality's brand new user-friendly website is finally launched! You're looking right at it. :-)

Two Real World Cancun graphic packages were delivered for the end-of-season specials. Airing September 9 & September 16, respectively. Watch our graphics on

JUNE 15, 2009
Our design work for BLAST! was mentioned at

JUNE 11, 2009
BLAST! the movie premiered in NYC. Artifactuality created the logo, the opening graphic sequence, animated map design, 3D, and all the graphic design appeared throughout the film.

JUNE 2 through JUNE 12, 2009
Artifactuality delivered MTV a double hit: "The Duel 2 Reunion" and "The Duel 2: The S#!T They Should Have Shown" graphic package. Take a look.

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